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Let’s Plan Your Special Day

Balloon Design

Balloons are used as staple pieces to be shaped according to your liking such as arches, pillars,  garlands etc.

Red Carpet Instillation

3ft- 6ft wide; 6ft-9ft length commercial red carpet for instillations for small events. Large events 3ft-6ft wide; 10ft-40ft or longer length commercial red carpet.

Pipe & Drape

Pipe and Drape is a combination of four key components used to create temporary walls. The components are bases, uprights, crossbeams, all of which support fabric drape or custom printed backdrop panels. 

 Additional Decor

Centerpieces or additional services  that will enhance your event.

360 Photobooth Rental 

A video booth that features a rotating camera on a circular platform where guest stand, pose or dance.

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